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Construction Updates & Info

Construction and Safety meeting

Thursday 9th of August


Lookout Mountain Elementary School Project

June 28, 2012


  All of the project’s building permits have been approved by the City of Phoenix.

 -  A preconstruction meeting was conducted on June 12.

-  All temporary facilities including the construction trailer, power and water are set up.

-      Earthwork and construction of building pads have continued for the last two weeks.

-  Materials for the geothermal wells have been delivered to the job site.

-  A predrilling meeting for the geothermal wells was conducted on June 19.

Lookout Mountain Elementary School Project   June 7, 2012 

§  Additional permits have been approved by the City of Phoenix including traffic, civil, and street lighting.

§  Removal of salvaged equipment from Building 300 and the school site was finished last week.

§  Temporary water for construction, including water shut-down at the school, was completed Tuesday evening (5/29).

§  Construction fencing and signage around the construction site were completed following the end of school on May 30.

§  Installation of a temporary cell tower was completed this week.

§  Demolition of Building 300 and remaining site structures began this week.  Final completion of the first phase of project demolition will be completed early next week.

§  Preliminary earthwork started this week.

Lookout Mountain Elementary School Project

May 29, 2012  

§  Permitting for the project is continuing.  To date, the offices for the Arizona State Fire Marshal and Maricopa County Environmental Services Department have reviewed and approved the construction documents.  The Storm Water Management Plan and City of Phoenix Grading and Drainage permit have also been approved.  Following receipt of City of Phoenix review comments, a resubmittal of the plans was made and is currently being reviewed by the Fire Department and Building Department for issuance of building permits.

§  District staff started removal of salvaged equipment from Building 300 and the school site.

§  School staff continued removing materials from inside Building 300 and coordinating staff moves from the building to other locations.

§  Power and water have been limited to Building 300 in anticipation of demolition.

§  Temporary construction fencing was erected around a portion of the construction site and building 300 leaving the playfields still available for use.  The final fence installation will occur after the school year.

§  Coordination for the installation of gas service is being finalized by the District.

§  A meeting was held on Monday, May 21 to discuss final scheduling for removal of the existing cell tower and installation of a temporary tower.

Lookout Mountain Elementary School Project  May 15, 2012

§  The guaranteed maximum price (GMP) proposal was approved by the Washington Elementary School District Governing Board on May 10.

§  The architect and consulting engineers have revised plans and are resubmitting to the City of Phoenix for second plans review as is typical for the building and permitting process.

§  Amendments to the cell tower agreement were approved by the Washington Elementary School District Governing Board on May 10.  This allows for the removal of the existing tower and construction of part of the new school where the tower currently sits.

§  Details and schedules for the initial moving and building demolition were coordinated and finalized.

Lookout Mountain Elementary School Project

May 4, 2012

§  Final details were completed for the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) proposal in preparation of a presentation to the Washington Elementary School District Governing Board on May 10.

§  The architect and consulting engineers are revising the drawings to include city plan review comments.  Plans are scheduled to be resubmitted back to the city for final review and permitting next week.

§  Amendments to the cell tower agreement have been finalized for presentation to the Governing Board for approval.

§  Several meetings were conducted this week to continue with coordination of various aspects of the project.  District facilities personnel met with District MIS staff to further discuss technology requirements for the project and the vendor proposals for the work.

§  School administration was briefed by the construction team about the GMP presentation to the Governing Board.  Details for construction and playground use through the end of the school year were reviewed.

Lookout Mountain Elementary School Project

April 27, 2012


§  District representatives along with the architect and Construction Manager at Risk spent significant time finalizing the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) this week.  Final details are to be finished on Monday and Tuesday of next week in preparation for a presentation to the Washington Elementary School District Governing Board.

§  The architect received first review comments earlier than anticipated from the City of Phoenix.  The architect is revising the plans to address the comments before submitting for the second city review.

§  District staff is drafting amendments to the cell tower agreement with the service provider to allow for its relocation.  These amendments will be presented to the Governing Board for approval.

§  Coordination of vendors that will participate on the project is continuing.  District representatives worked with moving, playground equipment and special systems vendors this week.

§  Cox Communications was updated on the project and met with the District representatives this week.

Lookout Mountain Elementary School Project

April 19, 2012

§  Adolfson and Peterson (the Construction Manager At Risk -- CMAR) has received bids for work on the project.  They are currently clarifying scope and compiling the data received.

§  Adolfson and Peterson is developing information related to the construction phase including safety, a phasing video, and graphics identifying play areas during the construction phase.  Some of these documents have already been forwarded to the District and school for review.  This information is intended to provide the community with an understanding of the construction phase for the project.

§  District staff, H2, and school personnel have toured the site and reviewed plans for outdoor play areas during construction.  Logistics have been discussed with District staff so they can make provisions for a variety of work to include fencing removal and relocation, pavement surface repairs, drainage structure modifications, and general safety provisions in all the play areas.

§  April 11 – District staff reviewed provisions for the Building 300 occupant move at the end of this school year prior to demolition of the building.

§  April 12 – The District Governing Board approved and authorized District staff to issue a letter of intent to grant an easement to Southwest Gas to use for their gas line serving the new facility.

§  Comments regarding the roofing system have been received from the District’s roofing consultant and issued to the architect and CMAR.

§  April 13 – District Mangement Information System (MIS) staff and H2 met the SMART Board/projector vendor to discuss provisions for the school.

Lookout Mountain Elementary School Project

March 30, 2012 


§  The construction documents for the Lookout Mountain School project have been completed, including design of the partial geothermal heating and cooling system.  The documents are currently receiving a technical review by the Washington Elementary School District and Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR).

§  Orcutt/Winslow (architect) has submitted plans for review by regulatory agencies including the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County Health Department, and Arizona State Fire Marshall.  This is a two- to three-month review process.

§  Adolfson and Peterson (CMAR) has distributed plans and specifications to solicit bids for the construction of the new school.  Bids are due April 12.

§  H2 Group (WESD’s representative) is coordinating the efforts of District-direct vendors that are involved on the project for special systems and furnishings.  Proposals are being obtained to include with the guaranteed maximum price package that will be presented to the Governing Board on May 10.

The Construction “Zone”

March 16, 2012 

Each week I look forward to updating you on the progress of the construction of our new school. What is even more exciting is that we will launch our new Web site on March 28 that will include a page dedicated to the construction project.


For the past school year, a committee has been working with Orcutt Winslow to design the new Lookout Mountain Elementary School. With the design in the final stages, we will be able to share with you the blueprint after spring break. The team received information about geothermal, and a test well was drilled over winter break. We will proceed with the drilling as part of the overall project.


In late May, you will notice construction safety fencing go up on the west end of the field.  The first demolition job will be the independent wing that currently houses PE, art, band and our early childhood program. We have developed a relocation strategy that will take place the week of May 14.  Demolition of this building will take place in early June.  Summer school and KidSpace will continue on our campus this summer and will take place on the east side of the campus.


The safety fence will initially surround the entire playground throughout August. I have been told that areas of the playground will be released around the start of the 2012-2013 school year. We realize the importance of fresh air, natural light and movement. We are currently working on a plan to incorporate additional modified play areas around the campus, such as the green belt behind the bike rack, behind the library and with in the courtyard area. Our generous PTO purchased play equipment such as jump ropes, scoops, frisbees and stacking cups that can be used in a variety of areas. After-school sports such as basketball and cross country will continue. We are currently securing alternative practice sites.


A few quick answers to some of the latest questions I have received:

  •          Yes, we will have a gymnasium and a cafeteria
  •          Our school colors will remain Blue and Yellow
  •          Our mascot will remain the mighty Lion
  •         The Lion statue will be carefully relocated to the new building
  •          All of the tile mosaics (Tree and Community of Caring, and the faces) will be incorporated and moved to the new building
  •          There will considerably more parking
  •          Each classroom will have a window, a sink and built-in cabinetry for storage.
  •         The building site is on the east field where we currently participate in PE
  •         Move in date: January 2014

 Mrs. Johnson, Principal 

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