Prop 123

Dear Parents,


Prop 123 Information (also on the WESD web site)





·         In 2000 voters approved Proposition 301 that required that school districts would be provided funding for inflation each year.

·         The state stopped providing public schools the required inflation adjustment

·         A lawsuit was filed that challenged the legislature’s decision not to fund the annual inflation factor.

·         The court ruled that school districts were owed the money, but negotiations failed to arrive at a compromise.

·         Governor Ducey intervened to facilitate a settlement, and after a special legislative session, Prop 123 was referred to Arizona voters for a May 17, 2016 special election.



What does Prop 123 do?


ü  Restores approximately 70% of the funding that was withheld from schools.

ü  Guarantees the inflation funding annually (provided certain triggers arent met).

ü  Provides an initial increase of approximately $174 per pupil to the basic funding.

ü  Provides $625 million in additional revenue to school districts for 10 years.

ü  Such additional money will come from the State Land Trust. This was established in 1912 by Congress and K-12 education is the largest benefactor.

ü  The agreed upon settlement will have constitutional protection.



If Prop 123 passes, how will it benefit WESD?


   WESD would receive a lump sum of approximately $4.5 million in June of the 2015-2016 school year.

*      WESD would receive approximately $5.6 million for the 2016-2017 school year.

*      WESD would receive additional budget each July for the next 10 years based on the number of students we have each year.

   WESD is committed to use the additional money from Prop 123 to retain and attract employees, subject to approval of the District’s budget each year by the Governing Board.



What will happen if Prop 123 fails to pass?


·         There will be no increase in distributions from the State Land Trust resulting in additional funding for school districts and the lawsuit resumes.

·         School districts may lose their portion of the $74 million that was allocated this year unless the legislature acts to retain this funding (approximately $54/student).

·         WESD employees will not receive additional compensation for the 2016-2017 school year.


Don’t forget to vote on May 17th!

Tricia H. Johnson