Principal's Message


Dear Parents,

I wanted to draw attention to several social media sites that kids are using. This information was taken from a blog

In talking with students at Lookout Mt., many of our students with cell phones are fully aware of these sites/apps and most use them on a regular basis. Some of these applications allow text, chat, sharing of photos and videos. For the safety of your child and their friends, I encourage parents to look through their child’s phone on a regular basis.

We are very familiar with Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter however, there are some new ones you may want to look into as there are embedded GIF’s and emojis that are adult themed.

Group Me – Free, allows photos, videos and calendar share Caution: Adult themes

Kik Messenger – Free Caution: Stranger Danger is an issue and was linked to several high profile crimes

WhatsApp – Once you sign up, it connects you to every connect Caution: There are public and private servers

Tik Tok – is a performance and video sharing app.  Caution: This often invites “creepy” comments from the public at large (i.e.: sexual references)

Tumblr – A streaming scrapbook Caution: Many of the posted blogs are public and include sexual content

Houseparty – Students can connect via live video and can chat together Caution: There is no moderator and user can take screenshot and send content – virtual broadcast Caution: Kids can easily see inappropriate content

The use of technology is the world our children are growing up in. Please continue to be aware of your child’s social media accounts. Open communication and building a trusting relationship with your child is key in guiding them through their pre-teen years.

Tricia H. Johnson, #LMPrincipalJ