Principal's Message


Dear families,

Happy New Year. Hard to believe it is 2019! Often this time of year people make a New Year’s Resolution. I encourage you to reflect on the importance of spending true family time together and focus on a family resolution. Here are some ideas.

* Start a weekly ritual. For instance, once a week have a family movie night. ...

* Practice hello's, goodbye's and thank you’s....

* Volunteer as a family. ...

* Exercise together. ...

* Eat more vegetables. ...

* Stop texting and driving.

* No social media at the dinner table          (A personal Johnson family rule)

* Take an afternoon off and join your child for lunch here at Lookout Mt.

* Go for a family walk

* Cook dinner together, everyone is assigned an items or a job

We look forward to a great 2019 with our Lookout Mt. friends and families.

Tricia H. Johnson