Principal's Message


Dear Parents,

January is the time to make new resolutions. Spend time with your child talking about what they may want to improve at for the 2020 year. Here are a few ideas.

1.   I will keep my room clean.

2.   I will keep good grades in school.

3.   I will eat less snacks.

4.   I will have a fruit or veggie with every meal.

5.   I will try new foods.

6.   I will go to bed at a decent hour.

7.   I will exercise for at least a half hour each day.

8.   I will drink less soda and juice and drink more water

9.   I will eat my veggies even if I don’t like them, because I know they’re good for me!

10.   I will be sure to do my homework before anything else after school.

11.   I will take better notes in class.

12.   I will pay better attention to the teacher and less attention to my friends during class time.

13.   I will study my notes after school.

14.   I will help my mom cook dinner at least three times a week.

15.   I will do all of my chores without giving mom trouble.

16.   I will be nicer to my sister and brother.

17.   If I feel like I’m getting mad, I will walk away and calm down.

18.   I will teach my sister how to play soccer.

19.   I will watch less TV.

20.   I will get out and play every sunny day.

21.   I will put things away when I’m done using them.

22.   I will brush my teeth each morning and night.

23.   I will get into good hand washing habits.

24.   I will find a hobby to do, so I’m not telling mom “I’m bored!”

25.   I’ll be nice to every kid, even the ones that are bullied by others; I’ll be their friend.

We are looking forward to a great second half of the school year.


Tricia H. Johnson