Principal's Message


Dear Parents,

I cannot stress enough the importance of monitoring your child’s technology usage and the indirect exposure of inappropriate materials.

The most current issue is the “Momo Scare”.

Feel free to look it up on the internet…I did.

I am writing with a list of items regarding the recent “Momo” scare:

* This “scare” can occur within the middle of their regular YouTube viewing such as “Peppa Pig”, and other cartoon shows.

* Violent and disturbing messages are being sent to young children through the “Momo” video.

* Suicide pacts or perceived pacts are part of the “Momo” video

Talk to your children about safe online use.

It's important that children know that they should not be trying to contact strangers online, regardless of the method. Setting privacy systems on devices with your child is a great way to have this conversation and agree on automatic precautions. It is important to foster an atmosphere of openness and transparency about online activity that ensures children can thrive. If you do notice them switching screens on their devices when approached, or new numbers, or email addresses, on their devices it's worth checking in with them. Lastly, keep video games and YouTube watching, two major ways these stories circulate, in shared family spaces. In video games, you can also set-up restrictions on friends and access to user-generated content that may include “Momo” themed add-ons.

Thank you for assisting us with keeping your children focused on appropriate school social and academic skills.

Tricia Johnson