Lunch Info/Outdoor dining


Breakfast and Lunch Information/Outdoor Dining

Breakfast in the classroom                            No cost

Lunch (10:45 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.)                    No cost

Milk only                                   35 cents

Juice                                        35 cents


As a reminder, we have the following procedure in place.

In order to promote cafeteria procedures and friendships with new classmates, outdoor patio dining will begin the 2nd Monday in September. For all grade levels,  patio dining is limited to your child and two friends. 

 Due to allergies and diet restrictions, we ask that you only bring food for your child.

Specific rules for behavior in the cafeteria or courtyard area include:

All Grades (K-6) = Your child is limited to inviting two friends outside only. There must be an adult at the table.

·         Students must stay seated at the tables, and parents are responsible for all students sitting at the patio table.

·         Parents and students are NOT PERMITTED to video record or take pictures of students while at lunchThis is for privacy and safety reasons.

·         Follow directions and be respectful.

·         No running, horseplay or throwing food.

·         Use classroom voices.

·         Leave your area clean.

·         Food is not allowed on the playground.

Outdoor dining is a privilege.  Please adhere to the guidelines.  Loss of privilege is at the discretion of the Lookout Mountain staff.  We appreciate your assistance in keeping this a positive experience for our students.