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Here are some useful websites for research. If a password is required it is always wesd/wesd. Have fun!

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SubjectSite nameDescription
SubjectSite nameDescription
Hobbies and Crafts Hobbies and Crafts Hobbies and craft research site 
Research  Biography Research Center Biography Research Center 
Research  Funk and Wagnall's new World Encyclopedia Funk and Wagnall’s New World Encyclopedia 
Research  Academic Search Complete More than 10,600 titles in multiple disciplines 
Research  Consumer Reports Articles that affect consumers 
Research  ERIC Education articles and Reports 
Research  History Reference Center Historical videos, documents, articles, and photographs. 
Research  Literary Reference Center Literary Reference works, poems, classics texts and more... 
Research  Newspaper Source Plus More than 1,530 full text newspapers, with full-text articles. 
Research  Points of View Reference Center Aids students in the study of today's social issues from multiple sources 
Research  Referencia Latina Resources in Spanish 
Science Science Reference Center In-depth articles from hundreds of Science Resources 
Books Novelist Locate books to read, browse by theme and reading level. 
Research  Bibliography of Native North Americans Bibliograpy of Native North Americans 
General Phoenix Public Library Home page for the Phoenix Public Library 
Showing 15 items